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Felix: means ‘happy’ and ‘fortunate’ in Latin, making Felix Drinks: An ode to happiness and prosperity.

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Felix Gin
Felix: means 'happy' and 'fortunate' in Latin, making Felix Drinks: An ode to happiness and prosperity

Felix Gin originated in 2016 from a passion for high-quality beverages made from raw materials and a dedication to sustainability. Our flagship product, Felix Gin, is a Belgian gin originating from Hoeilaart, Belgium. The gin is named after Felix Sohie, the founder of grape cultivation under glass. His method of grape cultivation gave the region its name ‘Druivenstreek’ (Grape Region). Felix Gin is 100% a product of the Druivenstreek and is produced with raw materials, which is a unique and natural way to produce gin. This process is different from many gin brands that use industrial alcohol. Felix Gin is known for its originality, rarity, and regional character and is produced in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. However, we do not distill ourselves; for years, we have found a great partner in De Corte Distillery. Manu’s philosophy of working with natural raw materials fits perfectly with ours!
Felix Gin was the first spirit drink that made it possible to become what Felix Drinks is today. We are proud of our roots and the unique character of our gin, which reflects the rich history and traditions of the Druivenstreek.

Our mission status

At Felix Drinks, our mission is to deliver high-quality beverages made from raw materials that are 100% a product of the Druivenstreek. We are committed to sustainability, quality, and customer satisfaction. We believe that our products should not only taste delicious but also be made with the highest quality ingredients and production methods. Inspired by the growing trend of non-alcoholic beverages and the desire for healthier, more sustainable options, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a delicious drink, whether with or without alcohol. That’s why we are constantly seeking ways to innovate and create delicious non-alcoholic options that are just as satisfying as their alcoholic counterparts. Whether you are a gin enthusiast or looking for a non-alcoholic alternative, we invite you to try Felix Drinks and experience the unique character and quality of our products.

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